Full Kiln Rental (For Members ONLY)

Full Kiln Rental (For Members ONLY)

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We understand that sometimes you need to make extra work for a show or a commission.  If you are a member of the studio and you are going to exceed your 50 lbs of allotted firing space, we offer special discounts for our members.

Our kilns have interiors that can accommodate work up to dimensions of  26” x 26” x 18” h.  Our kilns can accommodate firings up to cone 5/6.  For the lifetime of our elements & risk to kiln furniture, we cannot accommodate specialty crystalline firings.

Terms and Conditions:

We reserve the right to refuse any work that presents obvious concerns for the safety of the kiln or our employees.  Any damage occurring to the kiln or kiln furniture as a result of misrepresentation or misapplication of materials will be charged to the party who rented the kiln, up to replacement of the kiln for irreparable damage.