At our Brookly, NY pottery studio, we believe in striving to fill our space with creative individuals that will help this studio grow creatively. We're glad to introduce our group of team members that help to breathe life into Creative Studios!



Who is Simone Summers? She's none other than the right hand of Kim Summers-Dolleh. Simone has a MFA in Fine Arts and a concentration in sculpture. For the past 20 years, she's worked in the field of education, teaching visual art to High school students in New York City. In addition, she's worked as a curator with emerging artist, focusing on portfolio development for promising students in the field of fashion, photography and fine arts. Looking at life half full, she decided to take all of her skills, and developing a new short-term project that adults could enjoy. Smalls project are sometime what keeps people going. Having a creative outlet allows people to become centered and balanced. We're excited about what Simone is developing with our corporate team building, giving people the opportunity to create and explore the many areas of colors and patterns, through beautiful simple designs.



Hannah Cupp is a ceramic sculpture and instructor based in Canton, Georgia. Currently, she is a ceramic instructor and studio manager at A.C. Studios & Café, while maintaing her own studio practice. Hannah graduated with her BFA in Fine Arts from Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina. During her time at Clemson, Hannah was the President of the Fine Arts Student Association and Vice-President of the Clemson Ceramics Association. She was also chosen to be Share Artist by juror Kai Lin for the CSArt art share. Hannah was also on the social media team in the creative inquiry, Community Supported Art (CSArt), promoting artwork made by community artist to art collectors. Hannah has previous interned for organizations such as Art Cellar Gallery (2017), and the Rensing Center (2017) residency and worked at Uptown Art (2016-18) and Jen Selwyn’s Studio (2017-18).



John Cunningham is the Director of Marketing for A.C. Studios and Cafe. His sense of marketing awareness means that he is able to employ the best strategies possible in order to drum up interest for A.C. Studios and Cafe’s exciting array of programs. As a “Solutionist,” John works by dissecting business structures and analyzing each of their components individually. His specialty is creating unique business structures, processes, and products that are designed to perform and function at maximum efficiency. These systems have shown to be very successful, and show high rates of adoption and conversion. John is known to bring a sense of fun to his work environment. Always easygoing and never too stuffy or serious, John creates work that relates to today’s consumers. At ACSC, he works to cater towards the needs and interest of today’s artists and innovators. The type of people that are drawn to a collaborative studio space desire content that is full of emotion and reflects their creativity in some shape or form. Knowing all this, that’s exactly what John is prepared to design. Known for his emotional intelligence, John presents marketing strategies that are exciting, relate-able, and stand out in today’s world of automated marketing tools. He is thrilled to be taking part in work that will help bring more art, fun, and meaning into the world.

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