Q. If I miss a class, can I make up my class during another day of the week? 
A. Yes! You can make up a missed class during any section that week- with the same class title.  For example: we offer over 10 sections of Intro to Wheel and if you have to miss your "Wednesday night class", you can come to any other night of the weeks class to make it up.  Please give us a call so we can let your instructor know you will be joining!  

Q. What should I wear to class? 
A. Please come prepared to get messy on the first day.  Wear clothing that is comfortable and close toed shoes.  Clay and glaze will wash out but still best to not wear your favorite shirt.  We provide aprons and towels. Please remove all jewelry on hands and wrists. We also recommend that you wear your hair tied back.  

Q. What can I expect on my first class? 
A. During your first class you will receive a tour of the studio, meet your instructor and other studio staff, and then we start working with clay right away.  The first weeks of into classes are focused on creating simple forms such as cylinders on the wheel or pinch pot bowls by hand.  Each week, as you gain comfort with the new materials limits, we will expand our forms and projects.  

Q. Do I need my own tools? 
A. We have tool stands that are well stocked with all the tools you will need- on each floor.  Shared tools and materials are provided.  Some advanced members and students have their own tools as well.  

Q. Can I buy clay elsewhere and bring it in? 
A. Only clay purchased at ACS can be used and fired in our studio.  This is because there are many different clay bodies out there and they all require different firing temperatures and glaze formulas.  Our studio clays and glazes are formulated to fire well with our kilns.  We fire between cone 5-6. We also factor in all firing and glaze fees into our clay costs.  Bags of clay cost anywhere from $10-$20 depending on type and weight.  We offer one type of clay B-mix. Later we will offer more clay bodies 

Q. Do you charge firing fees? 
A. Firing and glaze fees are incorporated into the cost of clay. 

Q. Do the 4-Week classes follow a specific curriculum? 
A. Yes.  Our courses guide students through specific projects and processes that build upon one another.    

Q. Will the clay wash out of my clothes? 
A. Most likely.  It is best to wear something you would paint or garden in.  We also have aprons on site. 

Q. What will I make during my 4-Week Class? 
AA. Depending on your course curriculum, you will make several pieces that you can take home after they have completed their final firing.  Intro to wheel classes will take home a few simple forms such as cups and bowls, and intermediate/advanced students will take home sets and projects that build upon one another such as nesting bowls, pitcher and tumbler sets, teapots, dinnerware sets and so much more!  Check out our current class and workshop descriptions or give us a call for up to date projects! 

Q. What will I make during my 1-Time Class? 
A. You will make a cup and bowl.   You will get to try the potters wheel too! 

Q. When will my work be ready? 
A. Please allow for drying and firing time.  The pieces have to dry out completely before going into the kiln.  The firings can take up to 24 hours and then have to cool.  Pieces are ready for pick up 2-3 weeks after completion.  

Q. What cone do you fire to and what kind of kilns do you have? 
A. We have electric kilns and fire cone 5/6.

Q. Can I bring my friend to the studio with me? 
A. Due to safety and occupancy regulations, we can't allow for guests to come into the studio unless they are also taking a class.  We suggest inviting them to one of our gallery shows, weekend events, or sign up for a 1-time clay class!  

Q. Can I bring my kid to the studio with me? 
A. Due to safety regulations, we can not allow children to accompany adults into the studio.  We do offer private classes and children classes.  Please get in touch with us by phone or email if you’re interested in our children pottery classes.

Q. Can I bring my dog to the studio with me? 
A. Unfortunately, no.  We have very fragile work and people who may be phobias and allergies to dogs.  Due to safety regulations, we cannot allow dogs into the studio, unless they are legal service animals.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  

Q. Who is teaching my class? 
A. To keep our teachers excited about their material, and offer flexibility in their schedules, the teachers rotate each session.  Every clay artist has a different approach and style.  Though we are all united in our pedagogical philosophy of ACS, we encourage each instructor to teach what they love.  Please reach out to us to discuss what you are looking for specifically and we can help you find the best fit.  

Q. What are open studio hours? 
A. Our studio hours are every Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Q. Is my pottery food safe? 
A. As long as you use the clays and glazes provided by ACS, your pottery is food safe.  We recommend washing it by hand though it can be put in a dishwasher.  You can microwave your wares, but again, these are handmade pieces, so we recommend heating your food before placing it on your pottery. 

Q. What is your cancellation policy? 
A. We require a 1 week cancellation notice for a refund.  Please review our full cancellation policy on our classes page.  

Q. What is your make up policy? 
A. We request you attend your first class so you can get the necessary information to help you towards a successful session at ACS.  If you are going to miss this first class, please let us know so we make sure to make other arrangements for you.  All students can make up classes during other sections during the week.  We recommend you find a section that is the same class title and level as your class so the curriculum will be the same.  Please review our main schedule to see available sections.