There's Nothing Like Learning Pottery on Girls Night Out!

Creating pottery pieces for the first time at Alpharetta pottery studio A.C. Studios

There's something about discovering new places with friends that adds value to life. You could always create pottery by yourself, but it's definitely more fun with people who know you the best. Yes... That means they may laugh at your struggles or better yet, keep encouraging you to not give up.

Messy hands make great pottery

This trio definitely embodied the essence of friendship. They encouraged one another, gave pointers along the way until the VERY end of their 3 hours. It's a beautiful thing to see people who want to keep going.

The part that is most rewarding is seeing that look of, "I'm finally getting it..." and sharing that with friends, that makes it worth the experience.

Learning pottery with friend at our Alpharetta pottery studios. girls night out
As this quote goes, "“A good friend listens to your adventures. A best friend makes them with you." #thetruth

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