About Us

by Kim Dolleh



Kim is the owner and visionary behind A.C. Studios Cafe. Her artistic journey took root when a teacher and recognized her creative potential. While she studied art on a full scholarship at Syracuse University, her mentor, David MacDonald, shared with her the love of creation and the powerful ability to express oneself by making, especially through ceramics. Though she retained a love of art, life shifted after school to a new path as a nurse and the challenges of motherhood. It was once she established herself and fell in love with the Alpharetta community that Kim began to long for the opportunities that were available in places she spent time in like New York City and London.

This sparked an idea: why couldn’t she start a studio that would offer the sort of instruction and art-making spaces she would want to participate in? A place where anyone could come and be exposed to innovative makers and their ideas; where someone could learn to appreciate and participate in the making of art on a deep and meaningful level. With that, Alpharetta Creative Studios and Cafe was born, and it is Kim's pleasure and honor to share this community with you.


Alpharetta Creative Studios & Cafe is for both the serious artist and novice. We provide coaching, guidance, and a platform for artistic expressions for people from all walks of life. ACS is the place where people who live full lives can come to step outside the stressful day and channel their energy in a creative and constructive manner. The lovely building is a great place for private and social events, corporate team building, and business meetings designed to facilitate “out of the box” thinking: a necessary skill in this ever-growing global market.

One of the most beneficial aspects of Alpharetta Creative Studios & Cafe is the fun, educational, inspiring, and creative development for everyone of all ages. We strive to provide creative outlets for every level of engagement, from classes in our fully equipped pottery studio or even a cozy seat to grab a coffee and do some reading or sketches.

Our goal is always to inspire, encourage, and enhance the lives of all people by offering a Private Events department designed to strengthen our ties with the community and show our appreciation and gratitude to the local Alpharetta neighborhood.

At Alpharetta Creative Studios & Cafe, we encourage all people “Do not just exist … EAT … CREATE … LIVE”