• What is Social Distancing & How it Will Limit the Spread of the Coronavirus

    Many places have closed in Atlanta due to the Coronavirus in light of this recent pandemic. Places such as the Alliance theatre, Atlanta Botanical ...
  • Trying Pottery For the First Time at Our Alpharetta Pottery Studio

    Creating is one of those things that tends to bring people joy. Usually, when we first begin to learn something new, it can bring some form of anx...
  • There's Nothing Like Learning Pottery on Girls Night Out!

    There's something about discovering new places with friends that adds value to life. You could always create pottery by yourself, but it's defini...
  • Unfinished Pottery Pieces Just Waiting to Be Painted!

    “Behind unfinished art cries an unfinished artist.” – Terri Guillemets #quoteoftheday

    This quote reminds me of how it feels when things linger on longer then they should. Or maybe we should just call it what it is - procrastination. It's kinda like watching the clean clothes pile up on top of the dryer or making an excuse as to why you're not heading to the gym. 
  • About Us

    I was totally surprised when Paul, from Fox 5 Good Day Atlanta, reached out to us. This was definitely a new experience for my staff, some of members that frequent A.C. Studios, and myself. Honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect, especially being interviewed on LIVE TV with no way to edit bloopers. But I have to say, Paul was so easy to talk to, both him and sick-kick Tim, his cameraman.